Frequently asked questions

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How does online consultation work?

Online consultation is done through Skype or a similar platform.

Will your diet plans starve me?

No, in-fact you will be eating at regular intervals and will not starve at all.

Will I have issues like hair fall, weakness etc.?

No, because our diet plans are balanced plans to provide you with all necessary nutrients.

Will I have to take any medications along with the diet plan?

No, in fact the diet plan designed by us builds up your immunity.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss depends on many factors like age, health status, diet implementation, gender, activity level etc. and varies from person to person. But our diet plans definitely help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Are there any special foods involved?

No, there are no special foods. We design the diet plan around your food habits.

What happens if I am a new patient?

With us, you have your own dedicated dietitian to answer all of your questions and provide individualized recommendations. We get to the root cause of your health concerns with our healing-from-the-inside-out approach.

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