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Oily skin is an annoyance for a large portion of people. It can cause acne outbreaks and discomfort, neither of which are at all enjoyable. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint what part of your skin care regimen is to blame. This can also be complicated by taking your genetics, hormone levels, environment and daily activities into account. In this article, I will provide 5 tips on how to get rid of oily skin that is generally applicable to anyone.

Develop a Proper Skin Care Routine

This is a simple tip that can help anyone with oily skin. This routine should include washing your face in the morning as well as at night with a cleanser that is designed specifically for oily skin, using a tea tree or green tea toner, using an appropriate moisturiser and finally , exfoliating once a week with an oatmeal scrub.

To start off with, washing your face in the morning as well as the night will clean off any debris that has stuck itself to your face during the day then also at night. A toner will help remove excess oil and dirt from your face as well as balance the pH level of your skin. Having the proper moisturiser and by using it regularly will help keep your skin smooth and healthy. Finally, exfoliating will provide a deep clean that will wash out any dirt or oil that you may have missed during your daily wash routine.

Home Remedies

Depending on who you are and what kind of lifestyle you live, certain home remedies can prove to be as effective or even more effective than commercial products. Things like a sugar-lemon scrub, yoghurt masks, egg white masks or tomato masks can help alleviate your oily skin. Finding out what works best for you will be a matter of trial and error. Be aware that since these remedies are not commercially proven or regulated, they are likely to have varying effects.

Follow a Healthy Diet and Drink Lots of Water

Sometimes we treat the symptoms of something before considering its causes. Your oily skin could simply be a product of an unhealthy diet or a lack of water. Following an unhealthy diet can show itself in how we look and how we feel. One of the ways that a poor diet manifests itself is in an oily face. Being dehydrated can cause stress glands to produce more oil which in turn ends up making your face oily. Therefore, eating healthy and staying hydrated can be simple ways to improve the feel and look of your skin.

Choose the Right Makeup

Heavy makeup can clog up your pores and make it rather difficult to clean them out. This will cause irritation and ultimately unhealthy skin. To avoid this, it would be wise to find and choose oil-free makeup as well as oil free makeup remover and a good oil free primer. This will eliminate a number of potential causes of your oily skin. In addition, it will help you to maintain the health of your skin.

Keep Your Face Clean

This is another simple tip that can help anyone with their oily skin. There are ways to avoid getting your face dirty to begin with that can help the entire process of cleaning your face in the future. Such things that can help keep your face clean include keeping your hair off of your face (if you have bangs), changing your pillowcases regularly and stopping yourself from touching your face too often. All of these methods are ways to decrease the amount of oil that gets transferred from other things like your hair, pillowcase or hands onto your face.

Oily skin is a problem that plagues a wide number of people so it is pertinent to provide simple remedies that can help a large portion of them. The 5 tips that I have provided here should help prevent and alleviate your oily skin and the discomfort it causes.


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