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Roli Gupta

I have lost 8 kgs in 6 weeks. And the best part about dieting with Sarika, is that it never felt like a diet. It is a gradual change in lifestyle…

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… that has left me fitter, more active and feeling lighter. I literally enjoy my meals and have actually started eating better both in quality and quantity. And of course needing a new wardrobe because all my clothes have gone lose is such a wonderful problem to have!

Atish Mungi

I was an overweight person. It soon started to affect work life and confidence took a back seat. Used to play soccer once, but now was not…

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… even able to move my body without some trouble. Low points started hitting one by one. All these accumulated over the years and burst like a volcano. There were two options either to take positively and work towards it or to live a despicable life.

Then I met my friend’s sister Sarika didi.. she said do this do that eat this eat that. At first I neglected it but then I thought why not give it a try.

What started as an experiment later transformed to routine and eventually into passion. Confidence level rose. Work life balance was restored. Everything started falling into place like a perfect picture.

From 123 kgs I dropped to 96 kgs in 6 months total. Now I’m going for stage 2-Target 78kg..and I don’t think it’s difficult. Those who think this is just an inspirational story or fake marketing strategy will not take it seriously unless they suffer the same. It’s necessary to fail in order to taste sweet success. And it is equally important to be stronger than your excuses.

Till my target is achieved, I would like to say , perform quintessentially that applause will continue even after curtain call.

Veena Sarmalkar

I had a wedding to attend and wanted to look great in the wedding. I was quite worried about my weight and my look because of that…

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I was lucky that I made the right choice and approached Sarika Nair to help me with my goal. She helped me to lose 10 kgs weight. Her diet plans helped me to achieve that. I am very grateful to her and would surely recommend her.

Ninad Dale

I lost 5 Kgs in one month with Sarika’s diet plans. I travel for my work and couldn’t make time for exercise. But her practical diet plans helped me achieve my weight loss goal.

Divya Avinash

I had acute acidity problem and used to feel very exhausted. Sarika’s diet helped to me to overcome these problems. Now I feel energetic and healthy.

Ashish Poojary

Dietician Sarika helped me to lose weight in a holistic weight. I lost 8 kgs with her diet plans. I am very happy with the results.

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