We all know that today is Children’s day and I wish all the little ones a very happy and healthy children’s day.

But not many are aware that today is also the World Diabetes day. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) following are the world figures on diabetes.

SCARY isn’t it? According to studies, India, China and USA are the top 3 countries having diabetic people. So India is among the top 3 diabetic countries in the world- a top we are definitely not proud of right??

Diabetes, the silent killer. We have heard this many times. But why is it so? Actually diabetes is like that person in Mumbai local trains who takes the 4th seat and then gradually and slowly occupies more space little by little. Get my point? Diabetes sneaks into our body and then slowly and gradually starts affecting all our organs. Hence the “silent killer” tag.

Today more than 50 million people are diabetic in India. We have become quite casual while saying that we are diabetic. And maybe this casual attitude is adding to the existing number of cases of diabetes. The worst thing is that even children are getting affected by diabetes. According to medindia health statistics juvenile diabetes affects around 70000 children every year in India. And the figures are only rising.

Being diagnosed with diabetes is not the end of the world. Diabetes can be easily managed with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. These can also prevent diabetes. But the problem is that there are many undiagnosed cases of diabetes. So a regular health checkup is a must for everyone.

Let us join hands to fight this menace. If not it will become an epidemic in our country and the world.